Ames Middle School PTO

Supporting the students and staff of AMS.

The AMS Booster Club is now the AMS PTO

The Ames Middle School Booster Club has changed its name to the Ames Middle School PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) to better reflect our mission: to support the students and staff of Ames Middle School in a wide variety of activities.

In some circles the term “booster club” is largely associated with athletics-only fundraising and support. Since 1996, the AMS Booster Club has helped support both athletic and numerous non-athletic clubs and activities.

We hope that rebranding as a PTO will make our club more identifiable as an organization that supports a breadth of activities at AMS and encourage continued support by those with prior PTO/PTA/booster club experience and newcomers as well.

If you signed up for the AMS Booster Club members list in spring you will receive an updated notification when the members list is migrated.

Stay tuned!